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  • 1. AGREEMENT, JURISDICTION & SEVERABILITY: This contract contains the entire understanding between Developing Bliss Photography and THE CLIENT(S). It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties. The only way to change or add to this agreement is to do so in writing, and providing the document is signed by all the relevant parties.
  • CANCELLATION: In the event that THE CLIENT(S) cancel(s) the wedding photography services outlined in this contract before the wedding ceremony takes place, THE CLIENT(S) agree(s) to surrender the deposited previously agreed on and any other services rendered and paid for. Other money paid will be returned in full if the serves have not been completed.

    TERMINATION AND CANCELLATION: This Agreement may be terminated under any of the following conditions: a. Client understands that pursuant to this Contract, Developing Bliss Photography may forgo opportunities to book other business on the Wedding/event Date. Client understands that in exchange for this consideration, Client agrees to the following scenarios with regard to refunds/application of monies paid by Developing Bliss Photography. (i) In the event that the Client reschedules the Wedding/event and Developing Bliss Photography is NOT able to rebook the original Wedding/event Date, Developing Bliss Photography will amend the Wedding/event Date in this contract and Client will forfeit the Reservation Deposit. (ii) In the unlikely event that Developing Bliss Photography is unable to provide the services described in this Agreement on the Wedding/event Date for any reason including, but not limited to, illness, injury, emergency, or act of God, sudden event or circumstances beyond the control of Developing Bliss Photography, a Substitute Photographer may be sent at no cost to Client. This contract will be transferable. If the Client declines the Substitute Photographer, the Client may instead terminate this Agreement, and receive a full refund of all money paid. (ii) In the event Client fails to make any installment payment due as described under the Payment section of this Agreement within ten (10) days of its due date, Developing Bliss Photography shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement. Prior payments will not be returned.

  • Retainer

  • Retainer

    To assure the appearance of Developing Bliss Photography LLC for said date and time, Clients agree to pay a retainer (herafter Appearance Fee) of $250 (non-refundable) upon the signing of this Agreement and is applied toward the grand total. Payment of the balance is due 2 weeks prior to event date. Make payments to Developing Bliss Photography. Clients agree to pay a service charge of $35 for returned check or payment. Clients agree that Studio may withhold the final products & services from Clients until the entire balance of all fees and ta are paid in full.

    Upon receipt of the Appearance Fee, Studio agrees to reserve the time and date agreed upon and will make no other commitments for date and time. Should the wedding be rescheduled or postponed, the Appearance Fee paid will not be applied towards a new date. Should the event be postponed as a result or wars, revolutions, acts of enemies, strikes, floods, fires, power failers, acts of God such as weather-related emergencies, serious illness or injury of either part, or any other cause not under the direct control of either party to this contract, neither party will be held to the terms of this agreement.

  • HOUSE RULES: The photographer is limited by the guidelines of the ceremony officiant or the reception site management. THE CLIENT(S) agree(s) to accept the technical results of their imposition on the photographer. Negotiation with the officials for moderation of guidelines is THE CLIENT'S responsibility; Developing Bliss Photography will offer technical recommendations only.

    DIGITAL NEGATIVES, PRINTS and COPYRIGHTS: The photographs, digital negatives or prints produced by Developing Bliss Photography are protected by U.S. Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be reproduced in any manner without Developing Bliss Photography’s explicit written permission. When the link is given to the client print release ownership of the resulting images will be given to THE CLIENT(S) under the following conditions: a. The negatives and/or digital files, if provided, are the property of THE CLIENT(S) for personal use and for the purposes of the electronic reproduction and distribution of photographs to friends and relatives. b. Images may be used on personal web sites as long as a copyright notice appears near the images stating that they were taken by Developing Bliss Photography.

    FOOD Photographer and any assistant will be provided a meal or 1 hr break for a meal if coverage is 4 hrs or longer.

  • Photo Use

    Permission is hereby given to Studio to use reporoduction of pictures for general marketing purposes in accordance with reasonable commerical practice including, but not limited to, within Studios place of business, on the Internet, and for personal meetings with prospective clients. Clients hereby agree that all negatives, digital files and any and all pictures derived therefrom at the described event are the property of Studio. Clients may not sell their images or authorize any third part use of any image without written consent of the Studio.

  • MODEL RELEASE: THE CLIENT(S) hereby assign(s) and grant(s) Developing Bliss Photography and its legal representatives the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of THE CLIENT(S) or in which THE CLIENT(S) may be included, for editorial, trade, advertising or any other purpose and in any manner and medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same. THE CLIENT(S) hereby release(s) Developing Bliss Photography and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. It is agreed that Developing Bliss Photography may display and use the photographs taken for advertising, display, website and internet promotion, photographic contests, public display such as in malls, photography books, photography instructional books, store fronts, window displays, studio display, television advertising, magazine advertising and any other purpose thought proper by Developing Bliss Photography.EXCLUSIVITY / GUEST PHOTOGRAPHY: It is understood that by Developing Bliss Photography will act as the sole and exclusive wedding photographer. Developing Bliss Photography reserves the right to bring one assistant at his discretion. Since flashes from guests’ cameras may ruin shots taken by Developing Bliss Photography, THE CLIENT(S) acknowledge(s) that they are responsible for notifying all of their guests that guest photography is not permitted at any time while the professional photographer is in session. The formal photography time is for the exclusive use by Developing Bliss Photography to capture the formal wedding portraits. Due to time constraints and the need for subjects to pay full attention to the professional photographer, guest photography is requested to be done at a separate time.COMPLETION SCHEDULE: The disk of edited images for Engagements/Bridals and Formals are done 1-2 weeks after the session. Wedding disk is 1-2 months.PAYMENTS: THE CLIENT agrees that $250 reservation deposit is required at the time of contract acceptance and 100% of the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.METHOD OF PAYMENT: Payment may be made by: a. cash, b. check (written to Ruth Crozier) c. PayPal (developingbliss@hotmail.com)PRINT ORDERS: Prints of photos may be through my website DevelopingBlissPhotogrphy.com I use a professional printing service that is guaranteed to produce the best results possible.PROFESSIONAL IMAGE MANIPULATION: Developing Bliss Photography will allow for limited professional image manipulation (if technically possible) on any image(s). It is understood that if a technicality prevents Developing Bliss Photography from performing requested image manipulation, or if a technicality prevents the final result to meet THE CLIENT’S requirement, THE CLIENT(S) will accept Developing Bliss Photography has performed to its best ability with regard to the specific task and that Developing Bliss Photography has no further responsibility towards said image manipulation. You as the client are not permitted to manipulate images in any way.LIMIT OF LIABILITY: Developing Bliss Photography warrants and declares that every effort will be made to provide high quality photographic services. In the unlikely event of severe medical, natural, or other emergencies, it may be necessary to retain an alternative photographer. Developing Bliss Photography will make every effort to secure a replacement photographer able and/or willing to provide a similar package as chosen in this contract at the same/similar tariff. If such a situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package. Developing Bliss Photography takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation and processing of photographs; including using professional grade equipment and professional-grade backup equipment. However, in the unlikely event of THE CLIENT’S photographs being lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons within or beyond Developing Bliss Photography’s control, the latter’s liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package. The limit of liability shall not exceed the contract price stated herein. A PORTION of services will be compensated through equal services for un-satisfaction due to image quality.NON-GUARANTEE: Although every possible care will be taken to produce photographs of all important and special events during the wedding, Developing Bliss Photography’s cannot place an unconditional guarantee on the above. Developing Bliss Photography’s will not be held responsible for any ruined photographs due to guests’ (or any other) flashes; or any other ruined photographs due to any other cause in or outside of Developing Bliss Photography’s control.
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