Second Shooting For Experience

Second shooting is THE best way to learn and get your feet wet! It is an amazing way to build your portfolio and gain experience!  

For my high end weddings my brides pay for a second shooter! I skim through what seems like hundreds of applications to find the PERFECT second shooter for each wedding! 

When my brides dont buy a package that includes a second shooter I love to bring a SSFE (that is my lazy way of saying Second Shooter for Experience!) So...

What I Expect from may SSFE! 


PLEASE DO- Come be part of my team for the evening. Leave your business name at home and join Developing Bliss Photography for the day! 

PLEASE DONT- Promote your own business, or hand out your own business cards :)


PLEASE DO- Dress nice. I wear slacks or skirts to all my weddings or events, unless advised otherwise! I also wear comfy yet nice shoes since I will be walking most of the evening! I invite you to do the same! 

PLEASE DONT- Come in your sweat pants and flip flops (Believe me, I love my comfy pants as much or more than the next gal! But they are not wedding or event appropriate!)


PLEASE DO- Bring your camera! Bring your lenses! If you have them, bring extra battery, extra memory cards, backup camera and your speed light and batteries. 

PLEASE DONT- Bring a friend ;) 


PLEASE DO- Hand me your memory card at the end of the evening. I will download your images and return your card to you I promise!! ( I have more than enough, I promise this isn't an elaborate ploy to steal all your memory cards!) I will get the card back to you.

PLEASE DO- feel free to use the images for your portfolio after I have notified you I have delivered the final gallery the client. 

PLEASE DONT- Take the card and run.... OR STRESS! Even if you are scared of what you have captured, DONT BE WORRIED! I am not expecting perfect! I would love to be able to deliver any images that you have captured of the day that help convey the beauty of the event!

PLEASE DONT tag the client in your images or try to deliver you personal gallery to them. 


PLEASE DO- Feel free to ask questions! When there is a lull in events, I am an open book! I have chosen to have you come so you can gain experience, learn and grow! I wanted you to come so we can get to know each other and work together! Feel free to ask about my settings, or experience, posing, marketing, my favorite treat, my dogs name or anything else you'd like to know! 

PLEASE DONT-  Try to take charge, make a big scene, come un-prepared, or show up late! 

I am so excited to work with you!!!!!

SS Contract