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Why am I hiring associate photographer? 

Photography is something I truly love! nearly 10 years ago I started my photography journey by starting my own business and capturing memories for 1000's of clients. I am found so much joy and strength in my photography business. It has opened so many doors for me, and blessed me SO deeply. 

My life, work,  and family have started to demand more and more of my time. 

I realize that I want to provide that strength, that joy, to others, I want to continue to serve those clients that have been so dear to me for almost a decade! 

For these reasons I have decided to hire associate photographers so my business can continue flourish, my clients can receive beautifully captured images, and I can help other photographers starting their own photography journey. 

What is means to be an associate? 

I will take you under my wing and show you the tricks of the trade! Together we will develop your talents, and provide stunning images our clients will appreciate for years! 

As a Developing Bliss associate you will shoot the sessions, and be responsible for the majority of your own marketing. I will however add your portfolios and information to my website so you will have the benefit of Developing Bliss' already established clientele and SEO (don't know what SEO is? dont worry, you will  learn :) 

Is being an associate for Developing Bliss Photography right for you?

Do you have a desire to be the best you! Do you want to be creative and see where you're photography journey can lead you? 

Contact me for more information regarding benefits and contract information.