Meet The Faces Behind Developing Bliss

Meet Our Lead Photographer: Ruth Crozier

Hi! My name is Ruth Crozier! I live in Brigham City Utah and have been doing photography for longer than I can remember! I would make my junior high friends pose as I pretended to be a professional. Then a week later we would sit around and laugh as we looked through the prints (haha dating my self here!).  

I am a mother of 3 rambunctious wonderful boys that I love dearly! I can keep up with basically ANY situation due the "training" I get from them! I also have the most supportive amazing husband I could ever ask for! 

I started Developing Bliss 8 years ago and have been running with it ever since! I am so grateful I  get to take something I love as much as photography and working with people and call it work! I have loved seeing my business grow and am excited to be adding to my team! 

I have been blessed to have my work featured on several blogs, magazines and websites! 

I believe that your pictures should capture the trueness of life! We find the beauty in all that is thrown our way and capture it so it can last forever! I love capturing not only beautiful real smiles, but moments that make us smile! 

I am so excited to get to know you and capture those moments of bliss! 

Meet our Associate Photographer: Michele Barker

My name is Michele Barker and I live in Brigham City Utah, however my Arizona heart craves warmer and more stable weather.

I am a mother of four wonderfully crazy children and wife to the most patient and handsome husband. Life is crazy and you just have to embrace it! 

I have always loved photography and the ability it gives us to capture moment in time. Photographs of my family, past and present, are counted among my greatest material processions. I love capturing different personalities and the uniqueness of each individual. I love that I can help you do that as well through my photography. 

I am grateful to, not only know Ruth as a great friend, but as an amazing photographer as well. I'm excited for the opportunity that Developing Bliss will give me to get to know each of you and capture some beautiful moments in time through my photography.